Plea for Palestine

by Fourth Row Records

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Plea for Palestine is a benefit comp for the Middle Eastern Children's Alliance. All money from sales will go directly to MECA, an organization devoted to providing direct aid to Palestinian children.

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released September 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Fourth Row Records San Jose, California

we're a collective record label run by a bunch of friends/dumb high school kids trying to contribute something to our local scene.

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Track Name: Pathos Mathos - Finalizer
Shortsighted in development,
Regressive in their policies,
Circular in direction,
Percussive in their march.
Track Name: saoirse - moths
it gets so lonely sometimes
we flail towards what emits light
i slam my body into the fire
in hopes that some spark will ignite
our wooly bellies
empty and frothing

small feet stuck to flypaper
wings rip at the air
i ram into what hurts my bones
i ram into whatever's still there

i keep looking outward
for skewed reflections of my inward

but when i sad
i broke the window
rather than skin
Track Name: Hi Ho Silver, Away! - LeSabre
A lot of hot breath circling through this apartment. I'm caught up in an argument and I don't even know how it started.

And I'm watching the kids in the complex from a broken window in my kitchen. They're throwing rocks at the kittens living in my neighbor’s busted Buick.

And Southern California never looked as bleak as it did with you in the driver’s seat.

And I know that you think I'm a cliché, but I'm just trying to get through this awful day. Some people just never change. They always seem to get their way.

And this idea that we're obligated to forgive always struck me as sentimental bullshit. You gotta do what you can to get better, kid, especially if it means never seeing these people again.
Track Name: CityCop - Go West
Small town lives, inflated problems
Overthinking ways in which we solve them
We must get out, we must leave town quiet.
For we are but specks in a land of giants.
My conscience, a blackened description.
Of how action occurs safely within
The boundaries, The moving on, The memory, when times went wrong.
It wasn't that I didn't have regretful apologies.
It's just that there's no sane way to forgive me.
If humanity can't forgive what happens next,
then what's the point on a book on life?
A glorified text.
Meaningless means just this, take what you have and double it.
I read, I said all I could say.
I know it happens everyday.
I want to see the sentences come out of that sweet mouth.
And I'll forgive you my friend, but earning it back
I'll forgive you my friend but you've lost all touch.
And I'll forgive you my friend but earning it back is a must.
Track Name: Perfect Future - How the World Works
Every time I flip the hourglass, I receive perspective.
I can add it up in piles of sand.

How did I ever ignore such imperfections?
After the smoke cleared, only the governments gained.
Empires and emperors have never felt shrapnel, their relatives weren't casualties.
After the cities are razed (and the names are stripped from those buried beneath rubble), they speak in abstracts about "acceptable losses."

Every time I flip the hourglass, I receive perspective.
I can add it up in piles of sand.

And this is nothing new. If only I would have known, I would have tried to change the world-how it works.
Track Name: Try the Pie - Too Little
It doesn't matter what you do or say / She'll go anywhere/ She'll go anyway/ Aren't you surprised she stayed as long as she stayed? / Too little too late / And now you'll wonder where she is / and what she wanted / and what you did now / Now you'll wonder where she is / and what she wanted / and what you didn't. / Never mattered what she did or said / You never listened / Aren't you surprised she stayed as long as she stayed? / To watch the colors fade. / And it all looked brighter in her head / What she wanted is what she did / It all looked brighter in her head / What she wanted is what she'd give.
Track Name: LH2020 - BLCKFRST
the owls are not what they seem
and nobody knows what i mean
i'm cold and i'm holding it in
i'm old and i'm rolling it thin
i'm tired of feeling like sin
just thinking of things i was in
cut skin to release what's within
i'm feeling real spread thin
so ham i'm from the black forest
honey glazed
been waiting for the bass drop for like 5 days
and like a doughnut that's glazed
i'm fucking sweet and i'm round
and this love that i found
from my head to the ground
more nutritious than breast milk
more sultry than red silk
though you're missing the point
yo we cut from the same ilk
crushing harder than velvet
swinging more hips than elvis
yo we doing the damn thing
and nobody can tell us
yo, fuck who you prayin to
man that's what i'm sayin dude
believe in who you are
just do what you gotta do
like god damn
all i need is a blast beat
don't look, don't speak,
just roll the fuck right past me
Track Name: Communion of Thieves - Black Earth
there was a time when liberty
was expressed rather than oppressed
all that was is now exiled
the fields of admiration for our land was avahst

the decline of man began, our origin was bound by religion
contagion and warfare education
it was the fall of an empire
humanity will suffer

this cycle makes us thirst
but with this bloody slaughter our kings won't be parched
we all sit neck to neck and blinded by a shadow
you can't see the fire? how can we start this march?

our fibs will show out moron crime
they keep our brothers and sisters in darkness
while they sleep in the comfort of their own crimson exploits

after all of our efforts were broken down
with no hope for a better route
left insecure and numb to emotion.
my soul is devoured by your black tower
Track Name: Ostende - Japón
Japón: busca en desiertos pasos anteriores / derramo el líquido derramo el dolor / solo puedo pensar, solo puedo pensarlo/las miradas esquivan / podría matarte en este sitio / puedo modificar este lugar/será el rio que lo cambie / será quien ríe el que lo cambie y al fin de cuentas disfrutar / solo puedo pensar / y si, puedes juzgarme / me puedo derramar sin ser agua / y si puedes juzgarme/me puedo derramar sin ser rio / en esta canción no encontraras palabras ofensivas buscando tu depresión / jamás. / hundidos, humillados / solo así serán felices / buscando la atención / se generan momentos hostiles / empieza el proceso la transformación.
Track Name: Slow Meth - Sounds Like Godzilla // Captain America, Fuck You
Let's see how long it takes this time
For all your friends to not wanna try
For everyone to leave you behind

How long till the well dries up till all your friends give up
You lost your job now still got a car, going too long on a cut cord
Crying about choices but they were always yours

Catch myself doing stupid things
Let my feelings get the better of me
But I'm okay cause I stay busy

I'm okay cause I'm so busy
I'm okay cause i stay busy

I'm busy


I don't feel bad for you anymore
Sometimes friendships fail and we were both at fault
It's not that you couldn't be there but the fact is you were totally gone
You could've made the fucking call

So when you cut and run, I hope you trip and fucking fall

And is this how it always ends
Run away tail between your legs
There's not time left to be sad
Turn your face up make it bad
Fuck today cause it's been had

I'll squeeze the life out with bare hands
Track Name: Venkman - Planet Lynette
There's a boy I know
He's the one I'm dreaming of
Look in his eyes
Takes me to the clouds above

How will I know?
How will I know?
How will I know if he really loves me?

If he loves me, if he loves me nooooot
Track Name: LÖRI - Tolerar Ciertas Cosas, Silenciar Otras
¿Cúantas veces tendré que doblar mis rodillas?
una, dos, seis mil, no lo sé

tal vez no sea suficiente
y el tiempo no alcance para terminar de pagar mi deuda esta vida
Track Name: Procrastinación 1 Yo 0 - 2011
Y todo lo que quiero está en ti, y todo lo que busco está en mí. Yo soy un problema sin solución y tú eres una en un millón.
Track Name: Bradbury - High and Low
somebody wanted to take you away from me
pulled you from that lofty opening
but you fought harder than anyone I've ever known
would you look at yesterday, oh how we've grown

the first time I met you it wasn't too far from here
it was down the hall, I was crying then, but I'm screaming now

wake me up when the night turns dark
Track Name: Downtown Boys - Maldito (Jessy Bulbo cover)
Estoy desconsolada porque me abandonaste
Y tu eres el unico capacitado para consolarme
Cuando hago algo mal y tu no me lo perdonas,
Necesito que me abraces y no llega la hora.

Porque yo te hice enojar,
Me pones un castigo,
Me pones a sufrir
Y lo mas triste de todo es que no se va a repetir
Porque no me quieres ver,
Mientras mas yo te persigo mas te enojas tu conmigo
Si tanto me quisiste no me tires al olvido

Maldito maldito maldito
Porque me abandonas cuando mas te necesito
Maldito maldito maldito
En la cama y en la carcel se conoce a los amigos

Haciendo el inventario
De porque me hiciste daño
Resulta que te inquieta cuando hablo con extraños

Si tienes la certeza
De que yo te puse el cuerno
Y no quieres que nadie mas te ralle los cuadernos
Entonces ponte buzo
Porque me puedo ir
Pues a mi no me gusta tener novios a escondidas
Y si no te parece pues te invito a la salida

Maldito maldito maldito
Porque me abandonas cuando mas te necesito
Maldito maldito maldito
En la cama y en la carcel se conoce a los amigos
Track Name: Bread Club - Panic Defense
You believe we are bodies and memories. there's no "lost". You want to leave the picture blank, take the details out, tear the page from the book. Drop the pencil to the floor where I won't ever pick it up. For the best because you can't seem to get it off your chest, so I'll cling to the walls in the hopes of finding anything resembling myself from your own list of everything. I hang from my hopes and wait for you to say: "what about bodies?" "what about hearts?" "what about us?". You wake up whole, you're shown and told, you know who you are. You're taught everything there is to know, there are no more questions now. So you won't be deceived, and you won't fall prey to the trickery that we are. "Who's really going to miss me?" I say as the pen leaves the paper. As the pages are shred and strewn across the floor, they all fall to spell "who will?". I had a chance to be heard and you had a plan to get even. How do you live with yourself? How could you live with yourself?
Track Name: Shinbou - Strength Through Wounding (AFI cover)
Through our bleeding, we are one.
Through the darkness breaks the light.
Through the light unending pain.
Deify the wretched ones till the darkness comes again.